Sharon Locke

mixed media
24" X 36"



The coach/artist relationship is built on support. Artists are constantly pushing their boundaries and moving into unknown territory where support can be the main and most necessary anchor.

The essence of a coach’s work is the documentation of an artist’s creative process in relationship to awareness of patterns within the processes, intuitive leaps, serendipitous discoveries, and continual exploration.

A creativity coach works with the artist to gain a deeper perspective into various aspects of one’s experiences that could be factors in their capacity to create art.

  • Possesses knowledge of diverse viewpoints of the creative process as well as examining other artist’s personal experience.
  • Is a practicing artist who has in-depth experience of investigating his or her own creative process.
  • Has the expertise to move beyond creative work and address practical concerns such as marketing art work, networking, or locating studio space.


A creativity coach can facilitate schools and organizations to promote greater focus on the creative process to enhance their mission statement and expand creative goal achievement.

Coach teachers and administrators who are interested in collaborating art and educational projects.

Engage in the creative process of developing innovative art projects that are community based.


A creativity coach facilitates small groups of individuals who are interested in exploring their creative process by engaging in various art materials.

Art themes involve drawing, painting, printing, clay, sculpture, collage, installation, photography and writing.

Designs workshops to assist individuals to make a shift from being mind oriented to moving into their bodies to explore the materials more intuitively.

Chooses various methods as catalysts, such as drumming, meditation, or breath work.