Sharon Locke

Creativity Coach
Serving clients since 2000

My objective is to assist clients as a
vibrant catalyst that facilitates
transformational shifts within an artist’s
creative process.

Sharon Locke Biography

  • Practicing artist (30+ years): commissioned artist and active exhibitor: sculpture (bronze, copper, brass, wood, cement, ceramics), metal fabrication/forging (steel, bronze, copper, brass), photography, painting, drawing, site-specific installation and writing.
  • Consulting: coach and provide support to artists to facilitate their awareness of the creative process and enable them to advance as artists.
  • Founder/director of alternative sculpture school (13 years/4,000 students).
  • Program design: for creative process analysis and advancement, and self-exploration, self-expression, art therapy, multi-media arts, and advanced sculpture; programs are highly successful, well received, and long-running.
  • Teaching/facilitating: sculpture, watercolor, acrylic, ink, collage/multi-media, photography, installations, and poetry.
  • Experienced teaching related programs in grades K-12, college, mainstream adults, advanced artists, art teachers, individuals in healing programs, and institutionalized individuals with mental health and developmental disabilities.
  • Collective organization/community outreach: effective in sourcing, pooling and organizing community, business and human resources in collaborative programs for the advancement of the arts, the artists and the community.

PhD Human Science/Creativity Certificate
Saybrook Graduate School & Research Center, San Francisco, CA.

MFA, Interdisciplinary Art
Goddard College, Plainsville, VT

BFA, Sculpture
State University of New York, Rochester, NY

One-year Fellowship in Bronze Casting
Mariani Fonderia Artistica, Pietrasanta, Italy

Graduate Painting
Leo Marchutz School of Fine Arts, Aix en Provence, France

BA, Sociology
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO