Sharon Locke

Spirit Cats
20" X 30"


As a practicing interdisciplinary artist for over 30 years, I can help creative people explore creativity challenges, anxieties and fears with the objective of a more rewarding and effective working experience.

As a facilitator, I am sensitive to personal styles and respect the uniqueness of every artist. My approach is openness to learning the history and listening to the story of each artist without judgment.

I use exploratory discussion to establish whether I am the best match for your needs and desired outcomes. The first session is complimentary to assure that the potential for us as a team exists.

A pre-work interview of your artistic practice and observing your art in some format is very helpful.

We’ll work together to discover what’s working and what’s not working, learn how to work consistently, create meaning, learn how to stay with a project, how to over come many of the common psychological and personal blocks that may be preventing you from doing your best work, and how to complete projects and prepare yourself to show them to the outside world.

Collaboration, customization and clear communication contribute greatly to a successful coaching relationship, as does objectivity and honesty. We agree on the areas of concentration in our process.

Our relationship is based on strict confidentiality.

I suggest a strategy that would involve our focus areas.

I suggest a plan that centers on your time and financial investment.

All sessions are via telephone and include email exchanges.