Sharon Locke

Creativity Coach
Serving clients since 2000

My objective is to assist clients as a vibrant catalyst that facilitates transformational shifts within an artist’s creative process.

What is Coaching?

Creativity coaching is a collaborative support based process, which facilitates artists in their creative process.

Coaching is the art of deep listening to an artist’s needs and goals.

A coach can provide focus, encouragement, and expertise to clarify and
expand an artist’s vision of their work.

Mainly a coach offers support in whatever arena the artist is having difficulty.

The levels of support may range from the artist having their own personal cheerleader, assisting the artists to move through periods of transition or blockage, or heightening the artist’s awareness of their own patterns involved with their creative process.


Coaching – Developing awareness of an individual’s creative process through supportive exploration of one’s artwork.

Consulting – Facilitating schools and organizations to promote greater focus on the creative process to enhance their mission statement and expand creative goal achievement.

Workshops – Facilitation of small groups of individuals who are interested in exploring their creative process by engaging with various art materials.